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Set up Facebook Integration

Learn how to set up your Mobile Apps with the Facebook SDK for App Install Tracking and Mobile Ads Campaigns.

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MagLoft allows you to register and link up your Mobile Apps with Facebook. This integration can be used to track some important metrics of your Mobile Apps, as well as to perform powerful Mobile Ads campaigns using the Facebook platform.

Initial Setup

First things first, we need to set you up with a Facebook Developer account:

Step 1: You can register your Account here:

Step 2: Once created, Create a new App by clicking on the button in the top-right dropdown:

Step 3: Confirm your App Display Name and Contact Email:

Step 4: You will be redirected to the Developer Dashboard. From here, choose Roles in the Right-hand sidebar, and click on Add Developers:

Step 5: Paste in the Facebook ID of our App Developer - febby.rachmat.gumilar:

Done! Now that we are invited to you Facebook App, we can go ahead and set up the Facebook Integration. Kindly let us know using our Live-Chat that we should proceed with your Integration Setup.

What's Next?

We will now proceed to set up your Apps with Facebook. We will build and submit a new App Version of your Apps, which could take a couple of days until it goes live. Once that is done, you can use the following Facebook Tools:

  1. Facebook App Install and Usage Tracking:
    Simply navigate to your Facebook Developer Account and select your App. On the Dashboard you will find valuable usage information.

  2. Facebook Mobile Ads:
    โ€‹Follow this link to learn all about how to promote your Mobile Apps via Facebook.

Need Help?

We're here for you if you need any help with setting up your Integration. Simply reach out to use using our Live-Chat and we'll get you set up in no time ;-)

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