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Using Custom Email Templates to Maximize Your Branding
Using Custom Email Templates to Maximize Your Branding

How to get the best out of our email templates feature

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There are many advantages that comes with custom email templates, all which you can use to maximize your branding and elevate your readers' engagement with your publications. 

First of all, you can finally get rid of the plain, boring email templates and design an email template that matches your brand! Give your readers the aesthetics they deserve, right? ;)

By using custom email templates, you will also be able to personalize your message and bring more personality to your brand! Did you know that 54% of global users prefer a personalized experience?

Those are just to name a couple of advantages you can get by customizing your email templates. Now then, how do you do that?

This email template settings can be accessed by going to your portal > Tools > Custom Emails:

You should be able to see three template types that are available for you to play around with. To edit the details, you can simply click the blue 'Details' button on the right side of each template:

Let's check out the left side of the template first:

You can change the subject of the email under the EMAIL SUBJECT field. As you can see above, the email subject has changed from the default 'Confirmation Instructions' to 'Welcome to MagLoft'

The REPLY TO part is filled if you want to use a custom email address for when your readers reply to the email.

Also, don't forget to turn the ENABLED option on if you'd like to have the custom email templates in effect!

Next, the email itself:

First of all, you can change the header of your email by simply clicking on the header area. You will then see a formatting toolbar to customize it:

Next, the email banner:

The image shown on the email banner is automatically synced with the image cover on your Design Mobile App (available on Portal > Manage Content > Design Mobile App).

As for the email body, you can simply start writing the message that you would like for your readers to see. To add variables, you can simply click anywhere on the email templates body and you will see a formatting toolbar. Then click on the far right and you will see the options to add variables such as your Reader's Name, Reader Password, etc.

After you've finished editing your email templates, don't forget to click 'Save Email Template' to save all the changes you've made:

Can I customize the email template even further?
Yes, of course! If you'd prefer, we offer HTML customization so you can customize your email template even further. You can simply scroll down on your email templates and you will be able to see the 'Edit Template' section that will expand like this when you click on it:

You can simply copy-paste your custom HTML on the box, and click 'Save HTML Template'. If you'd like to reset it to our default template, you can simply click the 'Reset HTML Template' button.

That is all! If you're interested in reading more, check out our blog post about this feature here :)

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