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Organise The Images into Folders within The Media Library
Organise The Images into Folders within The Media Library

Collect your images into 1 folder in the editor

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If you upload a lot of images within the media library in TypeLoft 2, a lot of the times it would feel messy and quite a hassle to deal with, especially when you need to find a specific image quickly. That's why it would be so much easier if you can organise them into folders. Read on to learn how you can quickly do it.

It's assumed that you already logged in to the MagLoft portal and are in the editor.

1. Open the media library and click the dropdown to select all items.

2. Hover the cursor on the image to see all the buttons.

3. Click the + button to add a collection.

4. Type the name of the collection and click confirm.

5. After you save the collection, you can hover the cursor to other images and click + to collect them into 1 folder. Click the dropdown again and select the collection to see the images you collected before.

Still not clear on how to do it? Please watch the video below.

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