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How to Hide Your Issues From App Shelf
How to Hide Your Issues From App Shelf
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Typically, publishers want for their issues to appear on the app shelf so they can gather readers and encourage them to purchase within the app.

However, every once in a while, we receive queries from publishers who wants for certain issues to not be visible in the app shelf unless the issue has been purchased/unlocked for the readers.

To do so, you can simply set up the visibility of the issues!

  1. Go to your Portal > Content > Issues

  2. Select on the issues that you want to hide

  3. Scroll down and click the Advanced Settings

  4. Find the Visibility toggle on the bottom right of the box

  5. Click to turn on the toggle (which will hide your issues)

That's all! There are no app updates needed for this, and the changes can be seen immediately in the app.

However, please note that the Visibility setting will only show up if your Issue's Unlock Type is Paid or Subscribe.

To grant access of the hidden issues to users, you can do so by manually unlocking them via Readers Issue Purchase  or use our Custom Subscription feature.

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