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Can I Use My Own Font?

I want to use my own font in MagLoft editor, is it possible? What do I have to do?

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The two most important qualities that your text should have are a readable font, and high contrast.

Especially for content creators, we understand that choosing the appropriate font faces for your content is a serious decision. The right font will make your audience happy to stay and read your content.

With that being said, of course you will be able to use your own custom font in the TypeLoft editor!

Where can I upload my fonts then?

There is no way for you to upload fonts yourself at the moment. If you'd like to use your own custom font, you can simply reach out to us either via live chat or send us an email at You can send us the font files, and we will upload it to the Editor for you!

Is there a limit to how many custom fonts I can request to upload?

At the moment, there's no limit on how many custom fonts you can send for us to upload. However, if you have a ton of custom fonts which might take some time for us to upload, you can reach out to us first and we'll review it :)

Have any more questions? Feel free to reach out to us via live chat (should be available on the right bottom part of your browser) or shoot us an email. We'll be happy to assist!

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