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Responsive Content

Find out how can you create your responsive content

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Can I create responsive magazine content?

Yes Absolutely!

This is one of the unique features of MagLoft. You can use our visual drag and drop editor to create content that fits perfectly on any screens size and orientation.

Our editor is based on the famous Twitter Bootstrap Theme which was made popular by, well Twitter, when they made it freely available to the web. Without going into technical details, it's a template for creating responsive content pages.

We have several themes available to use for free inside your MagLoft account. We also continue to add new themes and new features to our editor.

Stuck on PDF format?

We can also help you turn your PDF files into a responsive theme with several page templates that you can reuse and tweak as much as your heart desires. We will analyze and review your PDF file and create a set of pages that mimic the look and feel of your PDF. Only now, it's responsive which means no more pinch to zoom! You also now have more options to add interactivity using the interactive widgets and HTML.

I'm a Web Designer Can I Make My Own Theme?

Ohhh, we have got news for you! Yes, you can create your own completely custom issues if you have HTML, CSS and/or JS skills or knows someone who does. You can basically create a mini website with the traditional structure of /images, /CSS, /js etc. and then wrap it all up into a single file that can be used in your apps.

Please get in touch with us if this is something that intrigues you, as we have more advanced options as well.

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