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How to Create Navigation and Links

Learn how to link from text and images to other articles in your magazine and to external pages on the web.

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One of the key elements of creating a digital magazine is to have a clickable navigation system in place. This can easily be achieved using MagLofts editor.

Link Text to Internal and/or External Pages
When you want to link from text to another page, you simply select the text that you want to link, which will trigger the toolbar to pop up. From the toolbar you click on the small link icon which will open a new window. From here you have a few options:

You can add a link address in the URL field, which should start with http:// and allow you to link to any external webpage. All web page links open in a modal window in your app with a back button to go back to your app.

Pro tip: you can add Google UTM parameters to any external link if you would like to track the number of clicks and behavior from your app.

You can also select an internal page by clicking in the Navigate to Page option and select the page you want to link to.

Aside from URL and internal pages, there are also several action options that can be selected by you. You may see all the options at the screenshot below.

The last but not least option from that window is Open Handler. It's simply the way you want that page to appear after the link has been clicked. Here are the options :

Link Images to Pages
Linking an images to another internal or external page is almost the same process as with linking from text. You just need to select the image you want to link, and then select the link icon to open the link menu. If the link icon doesn't appear, try double clicking on the image instead.

You are not able to test links directly in the editor at the moment. If you want to test links, you need to save and pack your issue, and then launch your web app or preview your issue on your own device. Then you can click and make sure links work.

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