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How to accept web payments with Stripe
How to accept web payments with Stripe

Guide on how you can connect your Stripe account and start accepting payments from your web app

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Being able to accept web payments directly from your own web app was something we had a ton of requests for. We're very excited to be rolling out the first phase of web payments and in this guide you will learn how to get started.


  1. You will need to upgrade your MagLoft account to at least the Online Publisher package. The free version of MagLoft does not support web payments.

  2. You will need to create a free Stripe account.

Connecting Stripe
Once you have your Stripe account created, you can login to your MagLoft account and navigate to the Web App section then select Configure. From here you can find the Stripe option and click the Connect Stripe button.

Then login to your Stripe account and allow MagLoft to connect. That's all there is to it, you are now connected and your paid issues will now display a small shopping cart icon in your Web App.

Purchasing Issues
With Stripe, you can now offer both single issue purchase and subscriptions to your readers.

Your readers need to follow these steps in order to purchase online:

  1. Click the issue cover which they wish to purchase

  2. Click on the shopping cart icon

  3. If the reader is not logged in, they will be prompted to create an account. This is a requirement.

  4. Create an account or log in 

  5. Readers may be redirected to the shelf after logging in or creating an account. Then they need to click on the issue cover again followed by the lock icon.

  6. Finally they can enter their credit card payment information and purchase the issue.

Once a reader has an account and is logged in, purchasing will be much easier and faster. Your web app will also remember their purchase information so they can "one click purchase" your other issues. MagLoft does not store any credit card details, this is managed completely by Stripe.

If you're interested in more details about this, we do have a YouTube series that you can check out here:

Processing Fees
MagLoft does not apply any fee for allowing you to sell online, but Stripe does have a processing fee of around 3,4% + $0,35 for each transaction (SGD Currency). This fee is various based on your currency. 

Kindly visit Stripe site to see the fee's in your currency here:

This fee means if you sell an issue for $6 Stripe will take around $0,55 in fees. That is still a whole lot better than the 30% from App Stores.

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