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Does MagLoft offer a referral/affiliate program? Can I refer other people to MagLoft? How can I share MagLoft with others?

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The short answer is yes!

MagLoft does offer a referral program but only for its customers at the moment. The way it works is customers can refer other users and in return, they will earn a discount coupon to their main account.

As an example, if you are on our Mobile plan you can refer other free users to MagLoft. We will help convert these free users to paid customers and when that happens you earn a % discount on your paid MagLoft subscription.

Here are the current rewards for referring new customers:

  • Refer 1 customer and earn a 25% discount on your subscription

  • Refer 2 customers and earn a 50% discount on your subscription

  • Refer 3 customers and earn a 100% discount on your subscription

To learn more, visit the Referral Program under the Account Settings section of your MagLoft account to find your referral link and other marketing material.

You can also read an article we wrote about our referral program here.

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