1. Go to your MagLoft portal, and select Sales > App Subscriptions in the sidebar menu

2. Right under 'App Subscriptions' you should see that there's a toggle to activate the backissue unlocking. By default, this feature is turned off until you switched it on.

3. When you click the toggle, there will be a pop-up with the warning and you are required to click on the Confirm button to activate the feature

4. If it's confirmed, the toggle should now show up as below:

That is all! Once this is activated, any subscription purchases by your readers will also unlock all of your back issues for them. This applies to both your mobile apps as well as your Web App.

Can I apply this feature only for a specific subscription (e.g: only yearly subscribers get to unlock the back issues)?

Unfortunately, no. This feature applies to all of your subscriptions which means if this is activated, your readers will get to unlock the back issues by purchasing any one of your available subscriptions.

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