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Cancelling your account with MagLoft
Cancelling your account with MagLoft

How do I cancel my account? What should I expect after cancelling my account with MagLoft?

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So you've decided to part ways with MagLoft. That's alright. We're sad to see you go and if you have one or two minutes to spare, we definitely would love to learn more about the reason behind your decision!

You can cancel your subscription with us by downgrading your account to the Free plan. To access this, you can simply go to your Portal and click on your profile picture/account name and you should see a drop down. Click the Account settings:

After clicking Accounts, scroll down to the bottom to see which plan your account is on, and then click Change Plan.

It will then show you our various pricing plans. You will be able to see which plan you're currently have being marked as Active:

This setting can also be used if you want to upgrade your plan with us. But if you want to cancel your MagLoft subscription, you should select the Free plan (if selected correctly, it should be marked as New):

Once you do so, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see this Downgrade Subscription box. Click the red button that says Downgrade to Free.

After clicking the red button, there should be a pop up box where you will be asked to pick the reason why you want to cancel your account with us. We're a fan of honest feedback and improving ourselves, so don't hold back!

To finalize your decision, click on the red button that says 'Yes, Downgrade to Free'. After that, our team will be notified by our system and we will finalize the account cancellation request.ย 

Your Downgrade Subscription box now should show this message:

Once our team has finished the account cancellation, we will reach out to you again for further confirmation.

Will my app still be on the App Stores after I cancel my account?
Yes, your app will still be visible on the App Stores, however your readers won't be able to see any of your content or issues. If you'd like to remove your apps completely from the App Stores but unsure how, check out our article guide here!

Can I keep my content up and available even after I stopped using MagLoft?
We understand that you may need some time and you would want to leave your content up and running for your readers instead of cutting them immediately. We can offer you a lower rate for this transition period. If you'd like to do so, you can contact our support team at :)

The other option we can offer would be for you to keep your content on the Web App (available on the Free plan), but the content won't be available on the iOS and Android apps. Please note though that by using the free Web App, your publication will have a small MagLoft logo on it.

Any further concerns regarding your publication after cancellation? Don't hesitate to reach out to us!

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