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Subscription Trial Period

How to set up a free trial for your subscription

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There is nothing wrong about giving your readers a sneak peek of your magazine issues. At this moment, the only thing you could do is giving them a free trial. A free trial is basically like try before buy. It is important to note that this free trial is only for a subscription. 

Furthermore, a free trial could help you to attract more readers. They would be able to read all your contents before they get charged for the subscription price. After the trial period is finished, your readers will be charged immediately. 

First, we will show you how to set this trial on Google. You need to login to your Google Developer account. Choose your app then go to the Store presence section on your left hand. Simply click on the In-app products then you will find all your subscriptions there. 

Choose the subscription that you want to set its trial period. Scroll down until you find the free trial period section. At that section, type the number of days you want for the trial period then click save at the bottom of the page. 

Google writes a note at the trial period section which says free trials must run for at least 3 days. At the end of the free trial, your users will be charged the introductory price (if applicable) or the full subscription price.

The introductory price is a price that is usually lower than the original price which is meant to attract customers. If you want to have this introductory price, you just need to set the price. Once it is active, you readers will be charged the introductory price after the trial period ends. But for the next billing subscription, they will be charged in full. 

Speaking of the introductory price, it brings us to the free trial for Apple. On iTunes Connect, how to set the free trial is by going to the introductory price on your subscription. So, login to your iTunes Connect account, choose your app then click on the Features section to go to the In-App Purchases

Choose which subscription you want to set its free trial period then click on it. Scroll down until you find the + symbol at the Subscriptions Prices section. Click on that +.

It will be prompted to open a new page. The first page is all territories you can select for this free trial. After you select the territories then click on the Next button at the bottom. 

It will bring you to the next page to set the duration of this introductory price which in this case is the free trial. It is not the duration for your free trial. But it means how long this free trial is available for your app. You could set it without end date so every reader will have your free trial. 

In the next page, choose the Free Trial then set the duration. This duration is how long your free trial will be accessed by your readers before they get charged.

After you set the duration then simply click on Done. Then, your free trial setting is finished.

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