Did you ever give an access for your reader by creating a custom subscription? Did you ever unlock particular issues for your reader?  You may want to check whether your reader is able to unlock the issue successfully or not. The best way to do it is by logging in as your reader. 

For your mobile apps, we still don't have the feature yet but for the web app, please follow these steps to guide you :

Important : It's assumed that you have already logged in to your MagLoft portal.

1. Click the Readers feature at your left hand section.

2. Select the reader in which you want to log in as then click the Eye icon or the Details button. 

3. It will trigger to open a new page then simply click the Open Web App button. 

4. You will be taken directly to your web app and logged as that reader. 

5. Now you can see your web app and all of the accessible issues exactly like what your reader will see. Use this feature to make sure that a reader has an access to the correct issues.

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