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How to delete your issues

How can you delete your issues? Is there any way to restore deleted issues?

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On this article, we've talked about how you can edit your content, which can be done even after your apps have been published. Now, what if you want to delete your issues completely?

Easy! Simply go to your MagLoft portal > Create content > click on the issue that you would like to delete. 

After that, scroll down and expand the 'Advanced Settings' on the issue. You should be able to see the Delete Issue section on the bottom right:

To confirm deletion of the issue, you need to actually type 'Delete' on the white field provided, and then click on the red 'Delete Issue' button:

If the issue delete is successful, you should see a green notification on the top right part of your portal like this:

Can I mass delete my issues? Or do I have to do it one by one?

Yes, you can :) To bulk delete your issue, you can simply open your portal and go to Manage Content > Issues. Make sure that your issues are in List view so that the small box next to the issue title will show up:

Once you tick the box of the issues that you'd like to delete, a trash bin icon will show up next to the Create button:

You will then be asked for a final confirmation if you'd like to delete your issues:

Is there any way to restore any deleted issues in case I accidentally delete it?

Unfortunately, no. The reason why you have to type 'delete' first (for single issues) as well as the pop up 'Are you serious' dialogue (for bulk delete) is because we don't want to have just a simple button where you might accidentally click and delete an issue that you want to keep. That would be a mess!

Kindly note though that since we already take your typing 'delete' into the box and clicking 'DELETE' as the deletion confirmation, when you click on the red 'Delete' button, your issue will be deleted immediately without any further confirmation.

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