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How to Display Issues on Smartphones, Tablets, or Both
How to Display Issues on Smartphones, Tablets, or Both

Choosing the right device to showcase your issues

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You may have a magazine issue that displays perfectly on smartphone but it really doesn't work the same way on tablets. Maybe you want to create contents that only show greatly for tablet and not on smartphone.

MagLoft can help you to do that with our Allowed Devices setting so you can choose where you want your magazine issue to get displayed. It can be smartphone,  tablet or maybe both. Please follow these steps to guide you in how to set it up :

1. Go to MagLoft portal and then jump to the issue you want to set up.

2. Then scroll down to the Advanced Settings.

3. There are two options in the Allowed Devices setting, which are Phone and Tablet. You can pick one of them or both. 

NOTE : If you select both of them, your issue will appear in your app on both smartphone and tablet devices. 

4. If you want to make your issue only shows on mobile devices, then select the Phone option. 

5. If your intention is to make your issue appears on tablets only, then select the Tablet option. 

It is awesome, right? Now, you can make an issue particularly only for mobile devices or tablets.

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