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How to configure the access roles in the Manage Users feature
How to configure the access roles in the Manage Users feature

How can I give access to my teammates so they can work on my publication?

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What is this Manage Users feature? How does it work? To answer these questions, we have written this great article for your reference. 

In a concise way, this feature will allow you to invite as many of your teammates as you need to work with you in the MagLoft portal. This can also be used for allowing clients to get access. You can give access to your teammates and assign roles to their account. It's an amazing feature for our Business plan clients.

Without further ado, let's follow the steps below to configure the access roles to your teammates. 

It's assumed that you already log into the MagLoft portal. 

1. Click on Account Settings at your left-hand menu then select Manage Users.

2. Click the Create button to enter the email, name, and password.

3. After you fill out the fields, please click Create.

4. Find the user and click the Details button.

5. Please select the publication and the access role for that user.

6. It will be saved automatically. You just need to inform the user about the email and the password.

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