It is possible for you to create a custom HPUB and upload it to the MagLoft portal. Please see the steps below to guide you to do so.

1. Prepare your ZIP package.

2. Unzip the issue file.

3. Create a book.json file. Please see the format below.

"hpub": 1,
"title": "2020 Issue 2 H5",
"author": [
"date": "2020-07-08",
"url": "book://2020issue2h5",
"orientation": "portrait",
"zoomable": true,
"-baker-background": "#ededed",
"-baker-vertical-bounce": true,
"-baker-media-autoplay": true,
"-baker-page-numbers-color": "#000000",
"-baker-rendering": "three-cards",
"cover": "cover.jpg",
"navigator": "disable",
"contents": [

4. Double-check the format above then put this book.json file in the root folder.

5. Select all the files then compress all them to a .zip format.

6. Rename the .zip file to .hpub.

7. Upload the .hpub file to the MagLoft Portal.

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