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How to Distribute My App Releases to Specific Countries?
How to Distribute My App Releases to Specific Countries?

Selecting particular countries for my apps

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Do you know that you are able to choose which countries you want your app to be available in? It will help you to aim a specific market for your publication. Let's say that you have multiple versions of your magazine that created for particular countries. Each magazine also has different languages depends on its available countries. If this was your case then this article would help you to find the way on how to do it. 

It's important to note that you are able to modify your app's available countries at any time. It won't be required to build a new binary or an app update. 

Without a further ado, let's hop on how to set this up for your Google app. First, login to your Google Play Developer account then choose your app. Click on the Store presence in your left-hand section. Select Pricing & Distribution then you can start choosing which countries you want for your app to be available. Don't forget to click on the Submit Update button every time you make changes. 

Let's move on to the iTunes Connect. After you login to your account then choose your app first. Go to the App Store section and click on the Pricing and Availability. At the Availability part, you can choose which territories you want for your app. Just ticking on the box then click on Done. Also, don't forget to save all changes you make.  

You need to know that after you set your app's available countries, your app's URL also can't be accessed in the countries other than the selected ones. Not to mention to be searched on Google or other search engines. In the other word, your app can only be accessed and downloaded in its available countries unless of course, if someone is using VPN. 

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