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Let's Convert Your Articles to Issue
Let's Convert Your Articles to Issue

Is it possible to publish my articles as an issue? How to export my articles from RSS to TypeLoft?

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Updated over a week ago

Good news! Now you can easily create your issue using the articles from RSS import. Without further ado, let's dive into it.

First thing first, please make sure to import your articles using RSS if you haven't already. Check out the video below to guide you to do so.

If you already import the articles using RSS, please go to the Articles section and select the articles you wanted to create an issue with. After that, please click Convert to Issue button.

The selected articles will be merged into 1 issue.

You can edit the content by going to the editor and you can also upload the cover image for the issue.

When you are ready to publish the issue, please click the Pack button and set up the publishing date.

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