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How to create in-app items in Amazon for your single issue
How to create in-app items in Amazon for your single issue

In-App Item, IAP, Amazon Developer Account

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MagLoft allows you to offer single paid issues and/or paid subscriptions to your magazine. At this moment, it’s important to note that you currently need to manually log into your Amazon developer account to create in-app items.

We are working on ways to automate this but until that is completed you will need to do this manually. Please find below the steps on what to do when you select the pricing option as paid for your issues and create the in-app products in Amazon developer account.

Create In-App Product for Single Paid Issue

In MagLoft Portal

Make sure you set the issue's unlock type to Paid and you also need to select the correct price tier. Make a note of the Product ID.

It is also important to make sure that the issue is packed. If the issue is not packed, you will be able to see a yellow Pack button or the green Publish Update button.

In Amazon developer account

1. Log in to your Amazon Developer account

2. Go to App & Services > My Apps

3. Select the app that you'd like to add the subscription to

4. On the left side menu, click on In-App Items

Click on the + icon next to Add Single iAP, and then select Add an Entitlement.

You will then be asked to fill out the Entitlement title and the Entitlement SKU. Paste the issue title from the MagLoft portal to the title and the product ID for the SKU.

You will be required to complete the following:

  • Display Title: The reference name will be used on the Amazon store.

  • Description of your In-App Item: Information about your in-app item that will be shown to your readers. It could be your issue description from the MagLoft portal.

  • Price: Set your base price for your Issue. You can let Amazon calculate the prices for other stores based on your base price or you can change update the local prices for each country or manually adjust prices at any time.

  • When all are completed, click on SUBMIT IAP. It usually takes a few hours to be approved by Amazon.

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