There are two ways that you can use if you would like to add videos to your content. The first option is one that we recommend, which is for you to use our widgets. Using our widgets will allow them to play the videos inside your pages. You get to keep your readers where you want them!

We currently support online streaming video from YouTube and Vimeo using the widgets in our TypeLoft editor.

Add videos using Widgets

To add the videos using widgets, you can simply open the issue, and on the left side of the editor, click Widgets, and drag the widget that you'd like to use on to your issue page:

When you first drag the widget, the default video that will be shown is MagLoft's video. To change the video, go to the Widget's properties on the right side of the editor, and enter the YouTube or Vimeo ID that you'd like to use. Note that you need to input the video's ID, and not channel user's ID or channel ID.

You can also change the aspect ratio of the video to fit your content layout. For YouTube, you are given the option to show related videos or not. We would recommend for you to pick no, because it might distract your readers.

How can I get the Youtube and Vimeo video ID?

For YouTube, you can simply open the video that you'd like to use. If you take a look at the URL for the video, you should see a combination of numbers and letters after an equal (=) sign. This combination is your YouTube video ID that you need to input on our widgets' properties.

For Vimeo, go to Vimeo page and open the video that you want to use. After it's loaded, check the URL for the video and you will  see a series of numbers after the - this number is the vimeo ID that you put in the widget's properties.

Add videos using Media Library

If you don't have your videos posted on either YouTube or Vimeo and you'd prefer to upload it directly from your computer, you can do so using our Media. This is available right under Widgets (can be accessed by going to Portal > Open issue > Editor > left side of editor page). To add your video, click on the blue button as shown below or you can simply drag and drop your video on the Media. 

After dragging the video to the media library, you will also upload a thumbnail image for the video. Otherwise, the video will look blank until you play it.

What kind of video format do you support?
At the moment we only support mp4 format for the videos, but we're always looking to expand our options.

Is there any size limit for the video I'd like to upload to media?
There is currently no size limit for uploaded videos, however keep in mind that the bigger the size of media you put in your content, the bigger the size of your issue will be. This might be a turn off for most of your readers who want to download an offline version of your issue. But ultimately it's also up to you if you want to offer a 200 MB size issue or an optimized 30 MB issue.

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