With MagLoft, you are able to share your issue to your social media for promotion purposes or anything else. This social share feature is different from the one in the app. It will appear once you hit the publish button. Without a further ado, let's follow these steps to share your content:

Important : It's assumed that you have already logged in to your MagLoft portal.

1. Go to Create Content section and click on one of your issues. 

2. Click on the Publish button. You can always arrange the publishing date as you want. 

3. Social share symbol will appear afterwards. 

4. Click on that symbol and a pop-up dialog will appear.

5. Choose the social media to which you want to share your content. After that, a new pop-up dialog will appear. Type your message and click on post or tweet button. 

6. Or you can click on View on web button and it will trigger a new page. You will be able to copy-paste the URL to share your content. 

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