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Discover Subscription Types in MagLoft

What kind of subscriptions does MagLoft offer publishers?

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As for now at MagLoft, we have 3 subscription types :

1. Native iOS and Android App Subscriptions

Having paid or subscribe issues are required to activate this kind of subscription. When you set all your issues into paid, you are able to have subscription. You may want to go to this link to see how this subscription works when it comes to unlock your issues for your readers.

Moreover, when all your issues are set to be subscribe, your readers must purchase the subscription to unlock the issues. 

Just a quick tutorial in how to set this up, you need to go first to your account at MagLoft portal then choose the issue. Scroll down until you find Unlock Type section, change it to either Subscribe or Paid.

When you set your issue into paid, remember to set the Price Tier as well. 

Next, you go to the Subscription section in MagLoft portal which is in on your left hand and then set your subscription there.

You need to change the duration of the subscription there. The options are 1 week, 1,3,or 6 months, and 1 year. Also, you are required to set the price as well. 

After you set the duration and the price, don't forget to press Add Subscription button. You are allowed to add up to three subscriptions there. 

  • PS : For now, we are the ones who set the subscriptions up for iTunes Connect and Google Play Developer. When you have any changes in this section, it will automatically change in your web app but for the apps, you need to reach out to us so we can have an update for your app.

Well, there you go, you are all set. You also will have the subscription for your web app automatically with few conditions which bring us to our next point :

2. Web App Subscriptions

This subscription won't automatically work unless you activate your Stripe or Paypal account. Simply go to MagLoft portal then choose Design Web App. Scroll down the page then you will see the Stripe and Paypal section.

You will see below the before-after of the Stripe and Paypal connection.

Now your readers can subscribe using web app and all issues within their subscription period will be unlocked on their apps as well. I would also recommend you to watch our videos to make you more understand by clicking on this link

Let's move to our last but definitely not least subscription :

3. Custom Subscriptions

With this type of subscription, you can create your own subscription as simple as go to the Custom Subscriptions section in MagLoft portal. 

It really helps publishers who have printed edition subscribers. They just add their print subscriptions instantly in there. 

Are you a little tired to add your subscribers one by one? No need to worry. You also can import all your custom subscriptions from a CSV file by clicking Import CSV (For the first time, you need to download the CSV Import template). Further informations about custom subscription, please go to this link.

Other than import your subscribers all in once, you also can do massive changes by using this CSV file. Simply click on the Export CSV. Then, you will receive the file that can be modified by you. You might want to add extra time for your subscribers so you simply change the end date of their subscription period.  

After you are done with the changes, you only need to import that file back. 

It is super easy, right? 

So for print magazine publishers, you don't have to worry about your existing subscribers, because we can help you to make all of them become your digital edition subscribers instantly. 

Still don't have an account at MagLoft? That's sad. Go to this link and create your account for free then playing around with our tools and also see our 3 subscription types above in your MagLoft portal. 

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