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Issue Unlock Options in MagLoft
Issue Unlock Options in MagLoft

How to set the unlock type for your issue

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At MagLoft, you are able to unlock your issues in various different ways. Actually we have written a blog post about it. But in this article, we will reexplain to you one by one. 

To set this up, you just go to your issue then scroll down until you find the Unlock Type section right under your issue cover. You will find multiple options that can be selected for each issue. You can set a different unlock type for each issue. 


Let's begin with the first option which is Free. When you set your issue to free then your readers will see the Get button in the issue. They just click on the button then the issue will be automatically downloaded. 


The next one is Optin. When your issue is set to optin then your readers will see the Unlock button. After they click on that button, they will be redirected to the sign up and login page.

After they signed up or logged in, they would be able to download the issue. 


If your issue is set to subscribe then your readers will see the Subscribe button. The subscribe page with the subscription price will appear as they click on that button. Once they tap subscribe and submit a subscription, all the content in the app will be available. In other words, all issues that are set to the subscribe option will get unlocked once a reader purchases a subscription.

You may want to go to this link for more details regarding the subscription. If all issues are set to subscribe then your readers can't buy single issue. But if you want them to be able to buy your single then it brings to the next unlock option :

When your issue is set to paid then the price will appear. Your readers need to purchase the issue in order to be downloaded. It’s important to note that you currently need to manually log into your iTunes Connect and your Google Play Developer accounts to create in-app purchases.

Just in case you forgot to set your in-app purchases on Google Play Developer and iTunes Connect, the price wouldn't appear. It will be shown like this instead :

PS: if your issues are set to paid, you will be able to activate the subscription as well. It will make your readers get your paid issues when they purchase the subscription. Look at this article to see how it works. 

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