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How to Upload Your PDF for conversion in Universal App
How to Upload Your PDF for conversion in Universal App

What's the process if I want to upload my PDF issues for conversion in Universal App? Where do I see the result?

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Since our Universal App only accepts HTML files, if you are a PDF publisher, there are two ways for you to be able to add content to the Universal App account. You can either create the issue from scratch using our TypeLoft editor, or you can also convert your existing PDF issues to HTML.

First, make sure that your PDF files are following these requirements.

From your portal, on the left side menu, go to Content > Import PDF. Click the Upload New PDF button, as shown below:

Once it's successfully uploaded, you will be shown this box:

Here, you can choose how many pages you'd like to convert from the PDF files, and how much it will cost in total. Once you're sure you've chosen the right number of pages and confirm the total amount, you can simply click the Purchase button.

Once you've uploaded the PDF, you will be able to monitor the progress of your files (ready for conversion, converting, etc.). You can also read this article explaining why converting your PDF takes time.

Once the conversion is done, it will be automatically available on your account.

Universal App can also help optimize your conversion results to make them SEO-friendly. It automatically fills in important details like the article title, excerpt, meta description, and more to boost your SEO score. To learn more about how Universal App can provide search engine optimized conversion results, check out our article here.

Need to edit your PDF & HTML conversion results? Don’t worry, with the new update, you can easily remove and add new pages for both PDF and HTML, add or remove clickable areas on your PDF view, and much more. Learn more on how you can do it here

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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