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How to edit the mapping of your PDF pages to HTML articles
How to edit the mapping of your PDF pages to HTML articles

You have done a PDF conversion, but want to make changes to the content? Now, you can!

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If you have done a PDF conversion with the Universal App, you can now safely change the collection via the TypeLoft editor.

In TypeLoft, you'll see Articles and PDF Pages tab on the left sidebar.

  • Articles tab is where you have the HTML conversion results.

  • PDF Pages tab is where the images of the uploaded PDF are.
    These are the images shown on the PDF thumbnails and PDF view.

Now, you can make changes to the linkable areas. Keep reading to learn more.

If you're looking to add, remove, swap, or reorder the PDF pages instead, please read this help article.

You can update links between articles and PDF areas

Go to the PDF tab and click on the PDF page you want to update. If that PDF has existing linked areas, you'll see blue boxes on the page. These are sections in the PDF that your readers can click on to bring them to the linked article.

The linked article is shown at the top of the blue area. Click on the dropdown to reassign the link to another article within the collection.

You can also move and resize the clickable areas if you need to adjust them.

You can remove the linked or clickable areas

If you no longer need the clickable area, you can simply click on the X icon on the top right.

You can copy or clone the existing linked or clickable areas

This function is useful when you want to create multiple clickable areas that are linked to the same HTML article.

You can create new linkable areas

On a PDF page, drag to create a rectangle to create a new clickable area. Don't forget to assign them to an HTML article. You can further adjust their position and size.

There are a couple of use cases where you might want to use this. For example:

  1. Bring readers directly to the HTML article from the TOC on your PDF!

  2. There are multiple ads on a PDF page, and you want to break them down into different HTML pages.

You can safely add new HTML articles

On Articles tab, you can now safely add new HTML articles without breaking any existing linkage between PDF & HTML articles from the conversion results.

You can safely remove existing HTML articles

On Articles tab, you can also safely add new HTML articles now. However, if an existing PDF area is linked to that article, you would need to update the link as detailed in the first point. Otherwise, nothing will happen if your readers click on it, which might interrupt their reading experience.

Watch our help video below to learn more.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or send an email to

Visit the help playlist to get started with your Universal App here.

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