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Universal App: Why does it take time to convert your PDF?
Universal App: Why does it take time to convert your PDF?

In this article, we will explain in details the flow and progress of MagLoft's PDF to HTML conversion service

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WARNING: You CAN'T make changes to your uploaded PDF once it's being converted. So, please make sure that you've uploaded the correct PDF file.

Read this article if you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to Upload your PDF into Universal App instead. When you convert your PDF to HTML using MagLoft’s Conversion Service, you might notice that it takes up to 8 hours to finish.

Why does it take up to 8 hours to convert?

You might wonder, what is the process behind it? In this article, we will break it down for you.

After uploading your PDF to your Universal App (UA) Admin, your file will begin the automated process of deconstructing your PDF file into HTML pages. Upon completion, it will go to our human operator to complete a manual quality check process, who will identify using a tool to look on each page, click on each element, and determine if it is a heading, text, or image. Think of it as a series of quality checks to ensure every element is where it's supposed to be, considering every elements' placement and also context.

This manual process is essential to ensure that we mapped your content right. You will be able to edit and add widgets to improve the interactivity of your content. In addition, this quality assurance process makes sure that you will get the best result possible in the form of SEO-ready HTML content.

There will be a notification on your Admin page when your PDF is converted and ready to be imported to Universal App. You can import it by going to Content > Import PDF and clicking Import. You can then access the result on the Content > Collections page.

Is it possible that it might take more than 8 hours?

Usually, a conversion is completed in just under 8 hours. If it takes more than 8 hours, there is a high chance there might be a problem with the PDF file format. In case anything happens, our Customer Success team will inform you if you need to re-upload your PDF file following the conversion guide we have provided for you here.

In case you are curious, some examples of common difficulties that happened previously are:

  1. PDF has a corrupt text layer

  2. PDF has no text or no images

Suppose we are unable to identify any texts on your PDF file. In that case, we will not proceed further with the conversion process. Therefore, you must have readable text elements on your PDF file. A text that is part of your image is not considered to be a text; it will be considered as an image.

What makes MagLoft’s conversion service different from other conversion services out there?

We know that there are many PDFs to HTML conversion services available in the market, with results that look exactly like the PDF file, and process faster than 8 hours. But, what makes MagLoft’s conversion service different and even better than the others?

One of the reasons they could produce the same results (replica) is because they used 100% computer or machine-based processes throughout the entire conversion process.

However, this kind of conversion service provides no interactivity and editable content. On top of that, they could not identify and separate each element of text on your HTML content.

This is not the case with MagLoft’s conversion service. As we combine both automated and manual conversion services, your conversion will be guaranteed with the best results possible, where all elements have been identified correctly and are editable.

Learn more about MagLofts conversion services here and the difference between us and the other options out there.

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