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How to disconnect Stripe from Universal App
How to disconnect Stripe from Universal App

If you want to disconnect Stripe from your account, you can find a guide and quick explanation on what it will entail in this article.

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To disconnect your Stripe account, you can go to Settings > Payment. From there, you can see that there’s a button that says Disconnect Stripe Account. See screenshot below:

When you click on the button, there will be a dialog box asking you if you’re sure you want to disconnect Stripe. If you’re sure, you will need to make sure the checkbox is ticked, otherwise, you will not be able to proceed. Please see screenshot below:

Please be advised that disconnecting your Stripe account will have an effect on your subscribers' list. Custom subscriptions will not be affected, but subscriptions and purchases made directly from Universal App through Stripe will be affected. Their subscriptions will not be canceled or removed, but your readers will not be able to manage their subscriptions themselves using Stripe billing portal. You will also not be able to set any collection to have Paid or Subscribe unlock type moving forward. Learn more about unlock types here.

After you hit Disconnect Stripe anyway, there will be an indication to show you that your Stripe account has been disconnected from this Universal App.

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