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What are Universal App's Unlock Types?
What are Universal App's Unlock Types?

There are five unlock types available within MagLofts Universal App. What are they?

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The first unlock type is Free. This unlock type is self-explanatory — this means the content will be available for all your readers without any need to purchase, opt-in, or register. You can use the Free unlock type for both articles and collections.

The second type is Opt-In. This unlock type means the content can be accessed by creating and logging into an account. If the reader has an account but they’re not logged in, they will still not be able to access the content.

For collections, there will be a preview for each article, but when you scroll down you will be prompted to log in/create an account to continue reading.

For articles, Opt-In can work as it does on collections, or it can serve as Free Lead Magnet. Free Lead Magnet means you can read the whole article, but the readers will still be prompted to log in/create an account – the article will not be partially locked but it will still have the opt-in form at the bottom.

Another unlock type is Classifications. Classifications unlock type is more or less a private collection of content that only manually selected readers can see. Only these readers will be aware that the collections and articles under classification exist – other readers will not be able to see them or know their existence in your Universal App. Learn more about Classifications here.

The fourth and fifth unlock types are Paid and Subscribe, respectively. These unlock types are only available for collections, and you will need to connect your Stripe account before you can use these unlock types.

The Paid unlock type, simply put, means the collection can be unlocked when the reader purchases the collection. The purchase will be a one-off purchase for a single issue. This brings us to the next and last unlock type, Subscribe.

The difference between these two unlock types is, that even though they’re both paid, Subscribe gives the reader access to content linked to the subscription, as well as Free and Opt-In content within a certain timeframe. This can be monthly or annually, or whatever you want. Learn more about setting up subscriptions here.

So Paid will give the reader access to one single collection for unlimited time, but Subscribe will give the reader access to multiple contents within a certain timeframe.

Now that you understand the difference between our five unlock types, how do you set it?

For articles, you can go to Content > Articles and find the articles you’d like to set.

Click on the Edit Form icon (the little pencil icon) — and you will be taken to the article settings.

Scroll down a bit and you can choose the unlock type from the drop-down below:

The steps are the same for collections, however, as mentioned above you will have to connect your Stripe account to set a collection as Paid or Subscribe.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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