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How Can Your Readers Manage Their Subscription on Your Universal App?
How Can Your Readers Manage Their Subscription on Your Universal App?

This quick guide explains how your readers can manage their subscriptions.

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If you enable your Stripe Customer Portal for your readers, your readers can easily manage their subscriptions through their Universal App Account page.

First of all, your reader needs to log into your Universal App. After they log in, direct them to their Account page, where they can update their profile, manage their subscription, and see their billing history.

There are a few scenarios here:

  1. If the reader subscribes through Stripe, they can see their billing history.

  2. Custom subscription readers can only see the end date of their subscription.

  3. If the reader has both Stripe and custom subscriptions, they can see when their subscription is coming to an end and also their billing history as well.

  4. If the reader has no subscription, it will only display the box where they can fill with their information to register or log in as a reader.

For readers with Stripe subscriptions, they can click on Open Billing Portal to manage their subscriptions. It will direct them to your Stripe Customer Portal. On this page, your readers will be able to complete various actions regarding their subscriptions. As the Publisher, you can control what actions your readers can and can’t do in your business’ Stripe’s Customer Portal menu.

We strongly recommend you register as a reader on your own Universal App to get first-hand experience and see this from your readers’ perspective. You can do this when using Live Preview or when your Universal App is live on your custom domain.

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