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Host Universal App on your own Domain
Host Universal App on your own Domain

Improve your Domain Ranking and SEO Performance by hosting Universal App on your own Domain.

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Your publication, your brand. Setting up your own custom domain in Universal App is part of your branding.

So there’s no reason not to use your own domain on your digital publication URL. Let’s set it up for you!

What are the steps?

Add your custom domain into Universal App.

Please check out our video below to help you with setting up your DNS Records and Custom Domain on the Universal App admin dashboard.

Configure the settings in your domain provider

Login to your account on your domain provider. Follow instructions that were generated in the previous step.

If you’re not the person who usually manages this domain, you can share this detail with your team.

Verify the domain assignment on Universal App

After 30 minutes, go back to the Universal App and click on the Verify button

Check on your UA on its new URL

On your browser, type in the same URL you have in the first step. See your new fully-branded Digital Publication in action!

Bonus step: Why don't you download your very own Digital Publication?

Open the URL with your custom domain on the browser of your chosen device. If you are using Android, hit the Install App button on the top right of the screen. If you are using iOS, please refer to the installation instruction here.

How to check your Universal App website domain is live?

Simply use this free tool to debug your DNS records, just enter and the records will show up. If the records are shown then you know they are good to go and your custom domain is now live and published

What if your records are not showing on ?

Please check the below items:

1. Check the record address is correct. For example, some websites that might use might have accidentally been entered as

2. Some domain providers do not require the www. when updating the record - if the record is not verified you should try removing this from the record and test it again

My domain is still not yet live although I already check the record address correctly

If your domain is still not live although the record address is correct, you must contact their domain provider or IT Company. Unfortunately, this is not something that MagLoft can do on your behalf. All our publishers in this situation have resolved their issues by calling their domain provider or IT Company directly.

Can we go live with a MagLoft Domain?

Yes, you can reach out to our support team if you want to go live with our domain. However, some impacts you need to consider are as follows:

  • Any SEO reputation will NOT positively impact your brand.

  • A later switch to a different domain will lose all previously recorded traffic data (e.g. in Analytics).

Still, get stuck? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

  • Join our Universal App Community here

  • Visit the help playlist to get started with your Universal App here.

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