You can launch the Live Preview whenever and from wherever you are on your Universal App Admin.

The Live Preview button is located on the top-right of the screen, next to the Help Center. It will launch a new tab where you can see the front end of your Universal App (UA).

Depends on which menu you are in the UA admin when you launch it, the Live Preview will take you to the Reader’s View of that very page. So, for example, if you hit the Live Preview from the article list on the Content > Article, it will launch the preview of the Article page on your UA.

Core Mission



Launch the Live Preview

UA Admin

Click on the Live Preview button on the top-right of the screen,

Refer to the video below

How to launch Live Preview from inside the Universal App admin

On your newly created Universal App, you can see some placeholder content we provided to guide you in getting UA started. These are just a few possibilities that you can do with your brand new Universal App.

Feel free to browse, play around, and get inspired by them.

Bonus Mission



Add another Collection Slider to your UA Homepage


How To Add Collection Slider to Your Universal App

Add an Advertisement block to your homepage

Advertisement & Appearance

How To Add an Advertisement to Your Universal App

Add a CTA block to encourage your readers to enable a Push Notification from your app


How To Add CTA Block to Your Universal App

To use Live Preview on mobile, check out this article.

Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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