MagLoft's Universal App currently supports both GA3 and GA4 tracking methods for Google Analytics.

To learn why it is important to have and add a Google Analytics 3 to your Universal App, click here.

Here is how to add your GA3 tracking code into your Universal App:

  1. Login to your Google Analytics account. If you haven't create a GA account yet, follow this guide right here.

  2. Copy the Tracking ID of your GA3. The tracking ID is located under the Property Column in Admin, and the ID will be based on the analytics version, account ID and property index number. It will be displayed as UA-12345678-9

  3. Log in to your Universal App, and head on to Settings > Tracking and paste the Tracking ID to your Universal App Admin on the form available. Save your changes. Check out our guide here to know more!

  4. Download the dashboard template that we have prepared here. You can access this dashboard on your GA on Customization > Dashboard.

    The data in the dashboard will change once you start receiving traffic on your website.

That's it! You have successfully added your GA3 Tracking ID to your Universal App. Now you can measure your Universal App's traffic through Google Analytics.

If you have a GA4 account and are questioning if you should add it to your Universal App or not, the short answer is yes! Check out our help article here to find out more!

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