MagLoft's Universal App currently supports both GA3 and GA4 tracking methods for Google Analytics. There is a special reason for this that we will cover in this short article.

Google Universal Analytics (GA3)

This method of tracking statistics has been Google's golden standard for many years and is also what most website owners are currently using. It's well-developed with a ton of features, custom reports, and dashboards.

The reason why you should include your Universal Analytics (GA3) into your MagLoft Universal App is to take advantage of the better reporting it supports. Specifically sharable dashboards.

MagLoft has created a custom dashboard for GA3 which we can share with our clients. This way, you can install a custom dashboard in your own GA3 account that shows you the most important data from your Universal App.

MagLoft has already planned a custom analytics dashboard in your Universal App account, but until that is created, using the shared GA3 custom dashboard is a great way to get insights faster.

Click here to learn how you can add your GA 3 tracking code into your Universal App.

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