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How to Add CTA Block on Your Universal App
How to Add CTA Block on Your Universal App

Call To Action (CTA) is a great marketing tool that you can use to encourage your reader's to enable Push Notification on your Universal App

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By adding a CTA (Call to Action) block on your Universal App, it will encourage your readers to enable Push Notification from your app and keep up-to-date with your latest news and updates.

To add a CTA block to your Universal App (UA), head to Branding > Appearance tab. Click the '+' icon and choose Call to Action.

1. Insert the title of your CTA based on the goal that you want to achieve from your readers, and choose the most relevant icon.
2. Pick the color that matches your overall UA branding
3. Add a brief description that will encourage your readers.
4. Lastly, choose the most suitable action that you would like your readers to do when they click on it. As we are aiming for the readers to subscribe, choose “Open The Subscription Dialog”
5. Save your changes, and head to Live Preview to see how your readers will view it.

When the readers click on the CTA button on your UA, they will be redirected to the subscription page.

There are multiple goals that you can achieve with our CTA features, from encouraging them to subscribe and to open an external URL, and much more.

CTA is a great marketing tool that you can add to your Universal App, to increase awareness and eventually increase your revenue.

There are a lot of great marketing tools that you can take advantage of, feel free to browse around and take full advantage of our Universal App.

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