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How to Add an Image Advertisement on Universal App
How to Add an Image Advertisement on Universal App

Easy step-by-step tutorial to add an image advertisement to your Universal App

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Thinking about posting an image advertisement on your Universal App? You can do that easily by following these easy steps!

Before we proceed further, check our step-by-step tutorial on how to add an advertisement to your Universal app right here!

After logging in to your Universal App account, head to Advertisements > Ad Manager on the left sidebar, and choose to Create New Advertisement and filled all the required fields.

Choose Image as your Ad Format, and upload the image from your folder. You can crop the image to any dimension you want. Check out our Asset Dimension guidelines right here to ensure the image you uploaded remain high quality to your readers from any device. The width of this ad will be responsive to any device your reader use.

Save your changes.

If you are ready to publish your advertisement and show it to your audience, head to this tutorial to add an Advertisement widget to your Universal App!

Decide to upload an advertisement in another type instead? Click here to know more on how to add an HTML advertisement on Universal App!

Check out our tutorial video right here:

Get stuck? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard, or simply send an email to

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