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How to make changes to your PDF Pages (add, remove, and reorder)
How to make changes to your PDF Pages (add, remove, and reorder)

You have done a PDF conversion, but need to swap or reorder the PDF pages? You can!

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If you have done a PDF conversion with the Universal App, you can replace or reorder the PDF pages.

These changes will be reflected on the PDF thumbnails and PDF view. Please note that if you allow the Download PDF, this will not change your original downloadable PDF.

You can remove the PDF pages

Each of the PDF pages has its own Delete icon. Click on this interface to remove that particular page.

Once removed, all the linkable areas related to that page will also be removed. So, if an HTML article is currently connected to that PDF page, the connection will be gone.

You can insert or add new PDF pages

  1. Go to the section where you want the new PDF pages to be inserted

  2. Click on Add PDF Pages

  3. Select a PDF file source from your folder.

    Only a file with .pdf format and in portrait format can be uploaded. If you need to upload a different format or layout, please consult

  4. You'll see a new window containing all pages from the selected PDF file.

  5. Only select the pages you want to insert.

  6. Once confirmed, the PDF pages will be converted into PDF images and added below the selected page.

  7. If you need to insert pages from another PDF file, please repeat steps 1-6.

If you want to add clickable linked areas to the HTML article, please check out this guide on how to map your PDF page to HTML articles for PDF Toggle view

You can swap PDF pages

To swap PDF pages, follow the two instructions above to remove and/or add new PDF pages.

You can reorder existing PDF pages

To rearrange existing PDF pages, you can simply select the page on the PDF Pages, hold-and-drag it into the desired position.

This re-order is independent of its HTML article order and the Table of Content (TOC).

For example:

  • In the three articles collection or issue, swapping the PDF page order between articles 2 and 3 will only affect the PDF view version.

  • So, the order in the PDF view will be article 1, article 3, then article 2.

  • The order in the HTML reading mode and the TOC will still be article 1, article 2, then article 3.

  • If you also want to re-order the HTML article and TOC, go to the Article tab and reorder HTML articles accordingly.

Watch our help video below to learn more

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