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Advanced Analytics: Push Notification FAQ
Advanced Analytics: Push Notification FAQ

FAQ from our clients regarding push notification in Advanced Analytics

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  • When reviewing my push notification recipients, why is the number going down?

    There are various possibilities that affected those numbers and they are as follows:

    • The user installs your app on a new device

    • The user restores the device from a backup

    • The user reinstalls the operating system

    • The user clears the application data

    • Other system-defined events

    • The app is restored on a new device

    • The user uninstalls/reinstalls the app

    • The user clears app data

  • We had 2066 users opted into notifications, however, only 2438 were sent. It says 371 tokens expired. What are tokens and what has to happen for them to expire?

    A push notification token is a unique anonymous identifier generated by a user's device and sent to MagLoft Advanced Analytics to identify where to send each recipient's notification.

    The token expires because the users uninstall the app or they don't open the app for some period of time. Any token older than two months is likely to be an inactive device.

  • Can this be disabled so we don't lose the ability to send them notifications after 2 months?

    In general, it's the way the push notification works so we can't disable it as it's not customizable. It's the push notification limitation, whatever the provider is. The token has always an expiration, especially when the user doesn't open the app for some period of time. In this case, we are not able to send the push notification to the user's app whose token is expired. Below is the information from Firebase, one of the push notification providers.

    Determining whether a token is fresh or stale is not always straightforward. To cover all cases, you should adopt a threshold for when you consider tokens stale; our recommendation is two months. Any token older than two months is likely to be an inactive device; an active device would have otherwise refreshed its token. 
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