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What your readers can do in Universal App

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  • How can I manage my subscriptions on the Universal app?
    You can manage your subscriptions on the Universal App by doing these steps:

    • Log in to your Universal App.

    • After you're logged in, go to the Account page.

    • You can update your profile, manage your subscription, and see your billing history there.

  • How can I purchase an issue/subscription on the Universal App?
    Here are the steps to help you to purchase Universal App.

  • What is a collection?
    In magazine terms, the collection is an issue.

  • How do I install the publication on my phone?
    For an Android, when opening the publication in Chrome, click the Install App button at the top right corner of the browser.

    For iOS, you need to click the Share button at the bottom of their Safari page and scroll down until you find Add to Home Screen, then click it. The app icon will be added to your home screen.

  • Can I access the content offline if I've installed the app?
    No, you can't access the content offline after installing the app. You need to connect to the internet to open the Universal App either from a browser or as an installed app.

  • I can't turn on the push notifications. What should I do?
    Please reach out to the publisher so they can enable the push notification button for you to opt in. You can find their contact in the footer section.

  • I have added my email address to unlock the preview, but I still can't access the full content.
    Have you checked your email inbox or SPAM folder? It may require you to confirm the email before you're able to access the content.

  • How can I save or bookmark my favorite article?
    Currently, you can't do it inside the app, but you can bookmark the page in your browser.

  • I have a subscription, but I can't access my content.
    You can go to your account details to make sure you have an active subscription listed. If there is an error, please contact the publisher. You can find their contact details by going to the footer and clicking their email or social media links.

  • I used to have access to an issue, but I can't see it anymore on my list.

    The magazine publisher may change your access to the content or unpublish the issue. Please reach out to the publisher by going to the Universal App footer and clicking their email or social media.

  • How can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?
    Go to the account details and click on Open Billing Portal link to manage your subscriptions.

  • I want to change my subscription from monthly to yearly. How can I do that?
    Go to the account details and click on Open Billing Portal to manage your subscriptions.

  • How can I download the PDF magazine?
    Currently, you can't download it as a PDF, but you can always bookmark the page in your browser to easily and quickly access it.

  • How can I get back to the reading in normal mode, not PDF mode?
    There are two ways to do this. You can click on any text article on the PDF itself. Or, go to the Table of Contents (TOC) on the top left of your screen and click on Switch to Reader Mode.

  • Where can I find the table of content (TOC)?
    After you open the issue, head to the top left corner of your screen. The TOC icon is located on the left of the logo. Click the TOC icon.

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