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How to turn on Push Notification for your Universal App?
How to turn on Push Notification for your Universal App?

Learn how to turn on Push Notification using Firebase on your Universal App!

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First things first, make sure you already have a Firebase account and connect it to your Universal App. You can do this by heading to Settings > Push Notifications and following the guide here.

Once you’re connected, click on the Launch Firebase button. It will take you directly to the Firebase Cloud Messaging page.

To create a new push notification, click on the Send your first message or New notification button. See screenshot below:

Fill in the details for your new push notification as desired. You can upload a picture from your computer to go with the push notification if you are on the Blaze plan – otherwise, you can enter the image URL into the Notification image field. Click Next.

In this part, you can choose which app you want the notification to appear on. Choose the web-app your Universal App is connected to. Click Next.

You can set when you want the push notification to be sent. You can send it immediately, or you can schedule it for a certain time and date. You can also make it a recurring notification.

There will be a preview of the push notification content and settings – review this and click Publish. The push notification will be sent to readers who have opted in for push notifications and have their browser notifications enabled. Please note: this only works for certain browsers. Safari, iOS Safari, and Internet Explorer users will not get the notifications. Learn more about this here.

And there you go! You have successfully sent a push notification to your readers.

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