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How to optimize your Universal App HTML content?
How to optimize your Universal App HTML content?

Learn how to optimize your HTML content in the best way, while maintaining PDF to responsive mapping for the best reader experience.

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As you might already know, MagLoft’s just launched the PDF Toggle view. This feature will allow readers to switch between PDF & HTML views of the published issue that you convert using our PDF to HTML conversion service.

You might be wondering, “Can I apply this new feature to the HTML content that I have already created?” “What will happen if I change the order of the pages?” “What shouldn’t I do to make sure that my reader's reading experience remains great?”

You will find all the answers in this article.

Before we dig deeper, please note that you can only make changes to the HTML side of your content. No matter what changes you make to your content on TypeLoft, it will not show on the PDF view.

What shouldn’t I do?

You should NOT delete any page of your HTML content from our drag-and-drop editor, TypeLoft. Upon conversion, each page of your PDF is mapped and linked to its corresponding HTML article. Deleting a page will break that link.

What happens when you break that link by deleting a page?

Well, that particular PDF page will not be clickable anymore. Nothing will happen if your reader tries to switch to HTML on that page. You definitely don’t want that to happen – so steer clear from the delete button, folks. If you want to do a makeover, make sure it’s being done on the same page.

I’ve already deleted a page by accident, what do I do?

The best thing you can do in this situation is to re-import your PDF and start the process all over again.

Can I reorder the pages?

Short answer: yes, but we do not recommend it. When you change the order of your HTML article, Universal App will still be able to detect the correct PDF page linked to that particular article, however, as you can only change the order of your HTML articles and not your PDF, you might create confusion for your readers since the order of the page for HTML and PDF view are different.

So what can I do?

HTML-based publications are intended to provide a good reading experience and add some interactivity to your content. We strongly recommend you add a slider widget to your image, add some videos or more interactive widgets that you can add on TypeLoft. Check out our YouTube video playlist here to learn more.

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