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Introducing PDF Toggle View on Universal App
Introducing PDF Toggle View on Universal App

We just launched our brand new PDF Toggle View on Universal App — what is it and how do you use it?

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So PDF Toggle View is basically a bridge between PDF and HTML. When you convert your PDF to HTML with MagLoft, the layout of your content completely changes. On one hand, it’s necessary to change the layout because that’s how your content can be responsive. On the other hand, you’ve put too much effort into that magical, beautiful design!

With PDF Toggle View, fret no more — you can have the best of both worlds. You can import your PDF and convert it as responsive HTML content, but you can still show your design the way it is intended — as a flipbook.

The way it works is, you can import your PDF file using our converter as usual. After you finish importing and publishing it, you will see a thumbnail at the bottom right of your collection view. See the screenshot below.

So what happens if you click on it? Your PDF file will show up as a flipbook. Nifty, right? Here’s a little example on desktop view for your reference. Screenshot was taken on a 12” screen.

You might notice that on mobile devices, the text is a little hard to read. This is where the HTML part comes in. You can click on any article on the PDF body, and it will display the article in a mobile-optimized reading mode.

This is how it looks like on a mobile device. The screenshot was taken on an iPhone 12 (6.1”) screen.

You will also be able to navigate within the collection using the Table of Content sidebar — head to the top left corner and click on the TOC icon there. This works in both PDF and HTML mode.

In case you’re wondering, you can still share your content using the Share feature, no matter what view you’re using — PDF or HTML.

Also, check out our video tutorial below:

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