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How to Create and Edit Universal App Opt-in Forms
How to Create and Edit Universal App Opt-in Forms

Learn about Opt-in Forms and how to use them on your Universal App.

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Opt-in Forms are simply sign-up forms. This is the tool your readers use to register for an account, promo, or subscription on your Universal App. The data they provide through the form will be available through the Universal App's CRM System.

This data can be very useful; you can keep track of subscribed readers or send them announcements, updates, and marketing emails.

This is how to create an Opt-in Form:

  1. Log into your Universal App account.

  2. Go to Offers > Opt-ins.

  3. Click on Create New Opt-in, or, you can modify previously created Opt-in Forms or templates by clicking on the Edit Form icon on the desired form.

  4. Modify as needed. Edit the text to request the information you need, upload images or logos, edit the button and label colors, etc. You can also encourage or require your readers to leave their mobile numbers. You can preview your form right below the settings.

  5. When you're done, click on Save Changes.

After you've successfully created or edited an Opt-in Form, you can add it to your Universal App homepage following the steps outlined in this article, or you can use it for opt-in articles and collections.

That's it! You can now utilize your new Opt-in Form to collect your readers' data.

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