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Universal App: How to Navigate and Manage Your Readers' Subscriptions
Universal App: How to Navigate and Manage Your Readers' Subscriptions

Our new CRM menu allows you to easily manage your readers’ subscriptions. In this article, we’ll break down what you can do in this menu.

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First, log in to Universal App admin and head to CRM > Readers in the left side menu to manage your readers’ subscription. Here’s how it looks like:

As you can see, there are a few columns in the list. We’ll be breaking it down below:

Subscription column

You can see if a reader has a Stripe or custom subscription based on the icon on the Subscription column. Cart icon means that the reader has a custom subscription, while the Credit Card icon indicates that the reader signed up via Stripe.

The date on the subscription indicates when the readers start their subscription plan while the date shown when you hover the cursor over the icon indicates the end date of the subscription.

Please note that Stripe subscriptions will always have Open Ended subscription date, which means that there is no end date, and readers will be charged monthly or quarterly based on the items they purchase.

Last seen column

The last seen date will only show for logged-in readers:

  • Active Readers are indicated by a green dot

  • In-Active Readers are indicated by a yellow dot.

  • Non-Logged-In Readers are indicated by a red dot.

There will be no last date displayed for Non-Logged-In-Readers

Learn more about the difference between various reader types here.

Action column

You can edit your reader details manually by clicking the edit icon or delete a reader by clicking the delete icon.

When you click the Edit icon, if the reader has a subscription plan, the page will include information about their subscriptions - such as what subscription plan they are on (Stripe/Custom), order ID (for Stripe subscriptions), status, and subscription start and end date. See an example below:

Please Note: Each reader can have one Stripe and one Custom subscription. If a plan is updated, whether it's Stripe or Custom, it will not add a new row with the new subscription plan. Instead, it will update the date for the corresponding plan subscription type.

If the reader does not have a subscription plan, for example, they have opted-in to your content, you will only see their personal information, and the subscription section will be empty.

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