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How To Publish Universal App Standalone Articles
How To Publish Universal App Standalone Articles

Universal App gives you the option to publish articles independently or as part of a collection. You can learn how and why in this article.

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There are many benefits to Standalone Articles. For example, you can feature them on your Universal App homepage to make them more noticeable, whereas articles exclusive to a collection can’t be showcased on their own. Another benefit is that Standalone Articles can be searched from your Universal App’s Global Search.

You can have exclusive Standalone Articles that don’t belong to any collection, but articles that belong to a collection can also be standalones. You can do this so unsubscribed readers can sample a great article from a paid collection, for example.

This is how you can publish an article as a standalone:

  1. Log into your Universal App account.

  2. Go to Content > Articles.

  3. Click on Filter to search for the article you’d like to publish.

  4. Click on the Edit Form icon and then click on the Date field on the article’s settings—you can choose any date in the past or future.

  5. Selecting a date in the past will backdate the article, and selecting a date in the future will schedule the article’s publishing.

  6. When you’re done, click on Save Changes. If you have chosen today’s date or a date in the past, the article will show up on the Global Search and Article Category Block; otherwise, it will not show up until the designated publishing date.

  7. You can preview your article by clicking on the Live Preview button at the top, or you can preview it from your Universal App homepage.

Easy as pie! 🎉

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