Can I customize the look and feel of the Universal App to match my brand colours and fonts?

Absolutely! You can customize the fonts and colours from the Design menu on the left sidebar of your Admin Dashboard.

Can the publishing date seen on articles and collections be removed or changed?

The publishing date of articles and collections can be updated from the Content menu on the left sidebar of your Admin Dashboard. This information is required and not removable from the front-end of your Universal App at this time.

Can I choose the collection and article title name shown?

Absolutely! This is determined by the publisher and can be updated from the Content menu on the Admin Dashboard

Can I re-design the style of the content after conversion from PDF to HTML?

Absolutely! After converting your PDF into HTML, you can update the content, style and look and feel using the MagLoft Editor. Additionally, when using MagLofts PDF to HTML conversion services, you will attend a review round, where our expert designers can assist you with your aesthetic requirements.

Why is there no content showing under a category?

If a category has been created but does not have any content, this will not show. When either an article or issue is listed under the category within the Admin Dashboard, this will then become visible for your readers on your Universal App.

How does the Universal App support categories for articles and issues?

The Universal App has a built-in global search function. This enables article and issue content to be searched for by keyword, much in the same way Google search works. Publishers also have the ability to create custom categories to label articles and collections for readers to easily navigate content.

Can I customize the Universal App footer?

You can customize your Universal App footer on the `Design > Footer Menu` from your Admin Dashboard.

Can I change my subdomain?

The domain or subdomain can only be changed once from a Magloft subdomain to your choice of the domain or subdomain. After that, it's not changeable. The subdomain does not need to be the same as the web app.

What would make a good subdomain name & does this impact Google SEO?

The subdomain is used to access your Universal App pages and system and follows this format: You can use any of your domains. You do not need to register or set up a subdomain right now, we will send setup instructions at a later time. We recommend using something simple such as "read", "online" or "mobile" as a sub-domain. It should be easy to remember, spell and type. You can change this during the Universal App setup phase. But once you "go live", it is not advised since you will lose SEO benefits.

What is the optimal size for the Universal App banners and icons?

Please check this guide before you select and send us the landscape graphic you would like to use for your Universal App header graphic (minimum 1600px in width): Please send us one square icon for your logo (at least 512px in width/height)

What image is used for the icon when the Universal App is installed on a device?

Please use one square icon for your logo (at least 512px in width/height) and upload it on the `Setting > App` submenu on your Admin Dashboard

The Universal App uses PWA technology. What does PWA stand for?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App. There has been a long battle going on between PWA and Native Mobile App technologies. The native mobile apps are all written in their native language (code) which is Java for Google and Objective-C/SWIFT for Apple. Progressive Web Apps are all written in the same language as the Internet (websites) which is HTML, Javascript and CSS. That’s the tech side of things and basically, you can say that a PWA is a website on steroids that works almost just like a native app on a mobile device. Here is an excellent resource from Google about what a PWA is:

When a new Email is registered - where is this held?

Currently, you can access all your user and subscriber data from the `CRM > Readers` submenu on the Admin Dashboard

Does the Universal App support video?

The Universal App solution 100% supports video

Does the Universal App work with all currencies?

The Universal App will support other currencies and be determined by the Stripe account set up by the publisher.

Can I fully embed the Universal App solution on my website?

Currently, you cannot do this.

Is there a limit to the amount of content that I can convert or upload to maximize benefits?

Currently, there is no limit to the number of articles or issues you can convert or publish with the Universal App as long as it is aligned with our Fair Usage policy

Can we continue using our existing digital publishing solutions alongside MagLoft's Universal App?

Yes, you absolutely can do this

What do articles look like?

Our express PDF to HTML conversion system produces clear, single-column articles ideal for readers to have a great user experience on mobile devices. Post conversion, MagLoft offers revision rounds with our designer should you wish for your articles to more closely resemble the look and feel of your PDF digital magazine. You can view a mobile-optimized single column article here and an article that has had some design work completed post-conversion here

Some of my articles do not have any images. Will the Universal App still work?

We advise each article should have at least one image because this will be shown as an image caption when ranking on google search. Articles without an image have lower click rates. If you need inspiration, you can view the image gallery inside the MagLoft Editor, where you can find royalty-free images for your issues and articles

Where is the App Icon image used?

The App Icon image will be used as the default icon on the Navbar, Browser Favicon, Home Screen / Installed App Icon, and Push Notification Icon

Is a Collection simply a collection of articles or are the articles ripped out of the PDF?

Both. During the PDF to HTML conversion, issue articles are extracted and become standalone articles as well as being bundled together as a collection. You can publish the article as a standalone article by activating the publishing date.

Can we change the banners?

You absolutely can change the main banner with your selected image. To do this, please access the Branding > Designer from the left side menu. Select Edit banner then uploads and crop your image accordingly.

Can we access and change or create new Categories?

Absolutely! To manage or create categories, please go to the left sidebar and access the Content menu, then select sub-menu Categories. You can then assign these categories to articles or collections in their respective settings.

Can we rename “Articles" & “Collections” on the Homepage?

For now, these are not the names each publisher can customize. Although, we are looking forward to your feedback on what 'labels' are best used for this. Please join our discord community to have an open discussion with other publishers as well.

How can I reorder collections on the home page?

In the current Universal App first version, feel free to contact our Customer Support team to assist you in updating collections and their order on the homepage. We are currently working on making the interface available to publishers by the end of Q2 2021.

Can we update or add more advertising blocks?

Yes and no. You can use one existing advertising block on the homepage. Currently, the update is only available through the Magloft team. Please send us the image you want to use as an ad and the URL you want to link it to. We are developing the interface for you to update yourself from your admin dashboard, within Q2 2021. We will consider your suggestion to add additional ad blocks for future development.

Can an advertising block be used for the banner?

Yes, you may use the ad block for your banner. And vice versa if you want to. Both can have links to an external URL.

Why can't I see my banner in Live Preview?

You need to upload the banner first before you can see it in the live preview. You can do this from the Branding > Designer submenu. Click on the banner section, it will open an interface for you to upload your banner image and fill in mandatory fields. Save and relaunch the Live Preview to see how it's going to appear to your readers.

Can we have dual toggle view for PDF & HTML?

Currently, the Universal App only displays the HTML content to your reader. But, we hear you! We are looking to incorporate this feature int the Q3 of 2021.

Can we update the content once the PDF conversion is completed?

Absolutely! Once you import the converted PDF, it will appear in your collection and/or article list. From here, you can launch the editor, where you can adjust your content further, including adding hyperlinks to your content. Since we are still integrated with our Magloft classic solution, please make sure you are logged in there using the same credential to your Universal App

Do my readers need to re-install the app if I made changes on my Universal App configuration?

No, they don't need to. As long as they are connected to the internet, they will get the latest update when they re-open your app.

Would Google analytics treat the subdomain as a part of the same website?

Short answer: Yes, based on your cookie settings on the GA. Please make sure your Domain value is set to "Auto" or at least "". By doing that, all of his subdomains will have the same access to the same _ga cookie used for tracking by Google Analytics. If you want to have a filtered view of subdomain data only, then you need to create another view specifically for that subdomain.

Why do the CTAs of 7 day trial colour & Push Notifications do not match colours on UX design in Admin?

We are currently improving the user interface in the admin where you can preview a better representation of your Universal App. The updates are expected to be available to you by early June 2021.

Can I hide ads and table of content from the collection's content list?

Currently, no. Any article that you include in the collection, will appear in the content list of that collection.

Do you support PayPal?

Currently, no. It certainly on our list! We are going to bring PayPal into the Universal App within 2021.

Can I remove the CTAs of 7 day trial colour & Push Notifications from my homepage?

Yes, you can. Feel free to contact our support from the live chat button and we will remove them for you.

What is Pages in the Branding section for?

This is where you can customize how it's going to look when someone shares your pages on their social media. You can have different text & image preview for different pages of your Universal App

What is an Optin?

An Optin is a feature that you can use to collect the email address of your readers as leads. You can apply this as a lead magnet on a standalone article or offer it as a way for the reader to get free reading access to your collection

What's the difference between an issue and a collection?

A digital version of your magazine issue is a type of collection. With Universal App, you can bundle articles from different issues or standalone articles and offer them as a different collection, which can be sold separately from the original issue.

Can I create HTML content in MagLoft to use on the WordPress site?

Currently, no. This won’t be possible at current circumstances. The reason is that HTML supported in WordPress is limited, and it takes additional steps for a web developer to optimize/convert HTML content to work with it.

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