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How to Create Coupon Codes in Universal App
How to Create Coupon Codes in Universal App

Want to give free access to readers with Coupon Codes in Universal App? Follow these easy steps!

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Coupon codes are a great way to give free access to your collections. It's easy to use and even easier to create.

  1. To create a coupon code, go to Offers > Coupons tab

Left column menu

2. Once you are in the coupon menu, you will see these buttons:

1. Create New Coupon: use this to create a new coupon code.

2. Import CSV: use this to import your own coupon code .csv file.

3. Filter: use this to find an existing coupon code more easily.

4. Delete: use this to delete an existing coupon code.

5. Edit: use this to edit an existing coupon code.

6. Download CSV: use this to download the .csv file of your coupons.

So that you know, you can only edit the usage limit and expiry date once the coupon is created.

3. Right now, we will create a new coupon code, so choose Create New Coupon

4. You will now see these options:

1. Code: This is where you enter the coupon code you want. It has a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 characters. The coupon code is NOT case-sensitive, and you can use any characters you want.

2. Issue: You can choose the issue/collection that the coupon code unlocks. Each coupon code can only be assigned to one issue/collection.

3. Usage Limit: This is where you set how many times the coupon code can be used. If you leave this blank, the coupon code will be unlimited.

4. Expires At: This is where you set the expiry date of your coupon code. If left blank, the coupon will never expire.

5. Once you've filled out the information, click Create Coupon

6. Now our newly created coupon is ready to be sent to our readers.

It's easy, isn't it?

Things to note about the coupon codes:

  • If you have both the Universal App and Mobile Apps, unlocking an issue on the Universal App with a coupon code will unlock it for the same reader on the Mobile App as well.

  • Duplicate coupon codes are not allowed. If you get a "Validation Error" when creating a coupon code, it means the coupon code you want to use has been used.

  • Only logged-in readers can redeem the coupons.

Get stuck? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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  • Visit the help playlist to get started with your Universal App here.

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