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How to Set Up Subscriptions in Universal App
How to Set Up Subscriptions in Universal App

Want to start selling your subscriptions in Universal App? Follow these easy steps!

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Before setting up your Subscriptions, please ensure that you have completed your payment settings first and connected your Stripe account!

Create a new subscription

If you've already connected your Stripe account, then you can go to Offers > Subscriptions on the left side menu on your Universal App portal. Click the Create New Subscription button:

Fill out all of the details for the Subscription, such as price, subscription period, and trial days.

You can also set up multiple payment plans with different periods within the same subscriptions. Typically, publishers offer a slightly lower price for upfront payment on more extended periods. Click on Add Payment Plan button to create a new price for a different subscription period.

The next step is to assign collections to the subscription.

You can also link a collection to multiple subscription plans (multi-subscription). This allows you to sell tiered subscriptions e.g. Silver & Gold plans. Readers can also buy more than one subscription.

You can check out this article to set up multiple subscriptions: How to Set Up Multiple Subscriptions Offer in Universal App

Do you want to set up free trials? Check out this help article: How to Set Up Free Trials in Universal App

Get stuck? Feel free to reach out to our support team using live chat located at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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