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How to Hide Advertisements from the Table of Contents on Your Universal App
How to Hide Advertisements from the Table of Contents on Your Universal App

Advertisements are essential to your publication, but you may want to exclude them from your Table of Contents (TOC)

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If you are using MagLoft's Universal App and have advertisements displayed on your publication, chances are, they will show up on your TOC too. If you'd like to keep your TOC free from ads, follow this article for the steps to exclude the advertisements from the TOC.

Disclaimer: This feature will only work for publications that have been migrated to the Next Universal App (Next UA). If you are still in the previous release of UA, unfortunately, this feature is unavailable.

  • Go to Content > Collection submenu and choose TypeLoft Editor for the collection where you want to exclude the advertisements from its table of contents. This will open up the issue on the TypeLoft editor.

  • Choose the Articles tab at the top left corner. This will show you the list of all of the articles in that collection, including the advertisements.

  • Click Hide for all the advertisements that you want to be hidden. This will exclude the advertisement from the Table of Contents. Don't worry, your readers will still see them when reading your collection. This feature only affects the TOC.

    When it is successfully hidden, the button will turn into Show. This means this item is now hidden; you can use this button to show it again.

  • Go back to your UA Admin. Preview your changes by clicking the Live Preview at the top right corner.

  • Check out that collection's TOC. You'll no longer see the advertisements that you've hidden.

Congratulations! You have successfully hidden the advertisements from your table of contents now.

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