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How to restrict readers from updating their email address
How to restrict readers from updating their email address

Learn how you can allow, or disallow your readers to adjust their email address.

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By default, readers have the autonomy to update their profile data in your Universal App publication on their own. This might be helpful to save you some time from manually updating their profile.

However, this is not always the best case. Especially if you are connected to a 3rd party CRM solution to manage your readers and their subscriptions.

You can now have the option to allow or restrict readers from changing their email addresses from their account page.

This is particularly important in cases where data synchronization relies on email addresses as an anchor, such as when using a tool like Zapier. By maintaining a consistent email address, readers can help ensure that their data remains up-to-date and accurate.

Follow this step on your UA Admin to allow or disallow readers from changing their email address on their account page:

2. Click on Settings > Readers Account

3. To restrict their email address edit access, toggle it to unchecked

By doing this, your readers will be restricted from changing their email addresses. However, they will still be able to update their name and password.

4. If you don't have a redirect to another CRM and need to change email address on your readers' behalf, don’t worry. You can still do it manually on your Admin page. Follow these easy steps to learn how:

4a. Click on CRM > Readers

4b. Click on the Edit page of your chosen reader

4c. Click on the email field, and update it with your reader's new email

That’s it.

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